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My début novel hit Amazon’s Multiracial, Multicultural and African-American lists Saturday morning (01/04/2013).  My graphic artist saw it first and enthusiastically pointed out The Enlightenment of Philippe Tavoularis debuted overall at 13,265 and between the mid-40s and low 50s on the other lists.  Wow!  She also pointed out that was a phenomenal début ranking.  The weekend ended with it eventually moving on to an overall rating of 5,814, and into the low 40s on the other lists.  I thought I was living my dream when I clicked SUBMIT.


Philippe and Alexandra

Philippe and Alexandra

When Alexandra King, a beautiful, smart and sexy business woman and CEO of a toy company returns home to Orlando from an engagement party in Las Vegas, she not only learns her business was raided, but that she is pregnant.

Philippe Tavoularis, a ruthless business shark and corporate raider, says he is willing to return Xandra’s business to her for a price she has no choice but to pay.  He is demanding, not asking, she stay with him until his terminally ill grandmother passes away, or he will keep her business.

Can Xandra trust Philippe to keep his word to let her go when the time comes, to return her business to her and to allow her leave with everything she arrived with?  Can Philippe, with some comedic and well-intentioned advice from his Yai Yai, convince Xandra it’s in their best interest to stay married and combine their assets?

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Philippe and Alexandra

Philippe and Alexandra



I assure you; it’s not the great American novel.  I’m not writing for those who consider themselves great literary geniuses, and never published armchair quarterbacks.  It’s a simple first effort Rom-Com about International lovers.  Are there flaws?  Of course.  The beginning is a bit choppy and slow, but it picks up and turns into a delightful and humorous feel good story.  Will I pull it back and correct all my oversights?  Of course, but not for a while yet.  It’s a learning and humbling experience.  I have enjoyed seeing the growth of other authors from their timid first efforts to their third or thirtieth works.  I am a happy contributing participant.

I hope you enjoy your visit and you’re welcome back anytime.

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2 thoughts on “… the goings on in everyday life”

  1. When is book 2 coming out

  2. Thanks for sharing this creation. I’m now waiting for the cousins story as well as Rich’s. I can only hope and use my imagination on the pairing. Stay Blessed!

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